Pre-School @ Home

By IIT-IIM Alumni

Footprints, India's Fastest Growing Preschool Chain with over 20000 parents served, now brings Pre-School @ Home, a program that focusses on nurturing your Child's growth and learning capabilities without you stepping out of home.

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Festival offers, upto 50% discount.

Why Pre-School @ Home is the best way
to nurture and engage your child

Live classes in small groups

Two 30 minutes sessions each day, 5 days a week.

Flexible Timings

Morning, Noon, Evenings.

Age Appropriate Programs

From Infant - 5.5 Years

Live Storytelling Sessions

To engage and delight the imagination of young children.

Parenting Webinars By Experts

Let our Experts guide you on how to deal with common parenting issues.

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Festival offers, upto 50% discount.

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Online Preschool


Will you be providing any certificate that my child attended pre-school?

Yes, we will provide the certificate in a softcopy form through e-mail.

Will you be allotting us new batch?

No, the child will join an existing group of children.

How will the child cope up in the existing batch?

We do active learning that children are engaged in exploration with the support of teacher. There is no sequence amongst the activities. We do lot of recapitulations of different concept.

Which language you are going to use during the classes?

Primarily we use English but sometimes we use Hindi also.

Are you going to provide the material required for the live classes?

No we don’t provide any materials.
The activities are conducted as per the planner. The material required for the activities are easily available at home. Example - Drawing Paper Glue/Fevicol, Clay/Playdough/wheat dough, Scarfs, Water colours, crayons, kidney beans, chickpeas, Empty Boxes etc.

If my child misses on a session, can the child attend the next batch on the same day?

No we don’t have this option. We follow Adult Child Ratio for each age group.

If parents want to enrol their child in the physical centre in future, is that possible?

Yes, the enrolment will be done once the physical centre reopens.

How long these online classes will continue?

As of now the Online Classes will continue till the physical centre reopens. And we will decide further actions depends on parent’s response.

Is the box compulsory with the classes?

No, the footprints box is not compulsory for the classes but it is highly recommended to take Box, so that parents can engage the child throughout the day by doing activities in a structured way as per their availability.

Is parental involvement required?

Yes, it is required as these online sessions are the new concept for the little children so they might take some time initially to get settle with the routine of attending the classes. And when parents are involve in the activities along with the child, they can Scaffold the child and engage their children after the session also.



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Festival offers, upto 50% discount.

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Festival offers, upto 50% discount.

Festival offers, upto 50% discount.

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